Southern Pro Stinger Shad 2 inch – 20 Pack

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Tennessee Shad, Popsickle, Blue Shinner, Black/Blue/Chart, Blue Storm, Smokey Storm, Black/Red/Chart, Pinky Shad, Albino Shad, Electric Chicken, Blue Thunder, Red Thunder, Rainbow Shad, Crystal Shad, Blue Ice, Bleeding Shad, Chartreuse Shad, Cajun Shad, Black Shad/ Fire Tail, Pumpkin Shad, Midnight Ghost, Smurf Limeade, Tiger Candy, Bayou Booger, Cajun Cricket, Blue Thunder/ Chart Tail, Blue Thunder/ Pink Tail, Pink Panther, Cajun Chicken, Fred's Mistake, Black Magik, Monkey Milk


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