Tiny Shad

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Alewife, Limetreuse, Texas Avocado, Slammin Chicken, Black Shad, Mama's 14K, Spring Minnow, Albino Shad, Arkansas Shiner, Rainbow Trout, Chartreuse Perch, Gold Pepper Shiner, Salt & Pepper Silver Phantom, Pink/White Floater, Chartreuse/Pepper Shad, Crystal Shad, Pumpkin Seed Shad, Mississippi Hippie, B-52, Grasshopper, Tomato Seed, Orange Gold Shiner, Baby Bass, Electric Chicken, Opening Night, Chartreuse Woodpecker, Sunfish, Silver Minnow, Chartreuse/Silver Glitter, Rainbow Shad, Monkey Storm, Texas Hippie, Halloween


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