Muddy Water Wack’em Jighead

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Orange – 3/32oz, Orange – 1/8oz, Orange – 1/4oz, Orange – 5/16oz, Hot Pink – 3/32oz, Hot Pink – 1/8oz, Hot Pink – 1/4oz, Hot Pink – 5/16oz, FL Yellow – 3/32oz, FL Yellow – 1/8oz, FL Yellow – 1/4oz, FL Yellow – 5/16oz, White – 3/32oz, White – 1/8oz, White – 1/4oz, White – 5/16oz, Black – 3/32oz, Black – 1/8oz, Black – 1/4oz, Black – 5/16oz, Orange – 1/16oz, Hot Pink – 1/16oz, Fl Yellow – 1/16oz, White – 1/16oz, Black – 1/16oz


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